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The Department of Philosophy in Bongaigaon College was established in 1964, the very same year in which this higher institute of lower Assam was established. The Department was promoted to have major course in the year of 1995 with the objective to extend the knowledge of deep and contemplated thinking among the interested students of higher education of this part. Since its inception, the department has been striving to maintain its objectives and rendering top to bottom service for the College in particular and students’ community in general.

An Appraisal Report of the Department of Philosophy has been prepared on the basis of the individual appraisal reports submitted by the members of the faculty. Along with my (HOD) appraisal. It reflects the following aspects of the department-
Name of the teacher Designation Qualification Research Experience Teaching Experience
Mrs. Karabi Saikia Asst.Professor/HOD MA -- 15 Years
Mr. Banajit Sharma Asst Prof MA NET. -- 8 Years
Mrs. Rita Goswami Asst Prof MA NET. -- 12 years
Mr. Nitu Das Contractual Teacher MA 2 Years
2. Student Profile- entry level competencies, socio-economic status, language proficiency etc.:
Admission policy.
the admission policy of the Department in the UG level is 40% minimum marks in HS Logic and Philosophy for major course. For UG level general course it is open for all interested students. For Higher Secondary Course also it is open for all students to take Logic and Philosophy as one of their combinations.
The Socio-economic status of the UG level students are as follows-
BA1styr.(M) --- 04 ---- 01 05
BA 1styr(G) 01 08 04 05 18
BA2ndyr.(M) --- 03 02 03 08
BA2ndyr(G) 01 07 04 04 16
BA3rdyr(M) --- --- --- 01 01
BA3rdyr(G) 02 - - 01 03
Though there is no change of the UG level courses in the last two years, yet in HS 1st course the NCERT syllabus in introduced. One of the faculty members of the department, namely Mr. Banajit Sharma has authored the HS 1st year book covering NCERT syllabus. Moreover he is also involved with the process of authoring the HS 2nd year book covering the same syllabus to be published by Assam Higher Secondary Education Council.
Learning resources of the department::
  • There are about 150 no’s of text books and reference books including some departmental Journals of National and Inter-national level. Downloaded printouts from internet are also available in some extent for some selected chapters which are supplied to students according to their needs.
  • Computer: College Computer laboratory is used sometimes in departmental works like Internet searching, materials downloading, in printing works etc.
  • Other Resources: Seminar papers, articles published in Newspapers/Journals, etc; collection of abstracts, PhD synopsis etc is there in the department.
Modern teaching methods practiced and use of ITC in teaching—learning process:
Some of the faculties are equipped with the knowledge of Computer slide with Projector; but not practiced in the class room as the facility is not available in class room.
Participation of teachers in academic and personal counseling of students:
All the teachers of the Department are involved with departmental Seminars, group-discussions, personal counseling of students etc.