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Department of Mass Communication
Department of BODO
Department of Hindi
Department of History
Department of Accountancy
Department of Management
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Department of Mathematics
Department of Political Science
Department of Philosophy
Department of Bangali
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Name of the teacher Designation Qualification Research Experience Teaching Experience
DR Sibani Bhattacharjee Associate professor M.A. Ph. D. 10 years 25 Years
Miss Mithu Das Lecturer. M.A. 17 Years
Mr Subrata Roy Assistant Professor M.A.M. Phil 2 years 7 Years
2. Student Profile- entry level competencies, socio-economic status, language proficiency etc.:
The Department as a separate discipline was introduced in the year 1964. Late Mrs. Uma Chakraborty served in the department from the very beginning and rtired in the year 2004. After the retirement of Mrs Uma chakrabarty, Mrs. Bhaswati Chakraborty had taken the charge and served in the department up to 2009. Presently the department has three regular and two contractual teachers. The academic condition of the faculty in healthy and adequate. All the teachers of the department are sincerely engaged for the development of the faculty and self improvement. Major subject was introduced in the department in the year 1991.
Admission policy.
Students are admitted on mark basis. Major parts of the students come from the low and middle in come group. Students are mostly proficient in Bengali and regional language Assamese. They also have workable knowledge in English and Hindi.
No. of students in the department during the current year:
SC ST OBC General
1 HS- I 19 Nil 42 91 152
2 HS- II 24 Nil 38 109 171
3 TDC- I (G) 16 01 29 48 94
4 TDC- I (M) 04 01 08 16 29
5 TDC- II (G) 10 01 24 46 81
6 TDC- II(M) 00 00 05 09 14
7 TDC- III (M) 02 00 02 05 09
Changes made in the courses or programmes during the past two years and the contribution of the faculty to those changes
The college is included under Gauhati University. Hence the college has no role to play in such changes. How ever the faculty member mainly the departmental Head sometimes asked to join in the syllabus meeting at university for framing and modifying the university syllabus of the degree course.