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Bongaigaon College is the Dream child of the people of western Assam as well as Greater Bongaigaon area. The college was established in the year 1964 with the effort of some socially conscious citizens and the good wishes and contributions of common people of this area. The Department of Education of Bongaigaon College had been initiated since the beginning of the College. The responsibility of the Department was laid on Mrs. Renuka Das, the then lone lecturer of Education Department. Under the able Headship of Mrs. Renuka Das, Major course programme in this Department was introduced in the year 1988. Mrs. Renuka Das bear the responsibility of Vice-Principal for 4 years besides the responsibility of Headship of the Department. She took her superannuation as Principal-in-charge in the year 2006. Since then, the Department is running under the Headship of Mrs. H.L.Devi and today, the Education Department is one of the biggest Departments in terms of the number of student enrollment of the College. The achievement level of the Department in terms of result is quite satisfactory. The Department is bearing the responsibility of imparting education in both Intermediate and Undergraduate level in regular basis since the year 1964-1966. As a social responsibility every year, the Department has to arrange some extra arrangements to meet the demands of increasing number of students by employing qualified Teachers on contractual basis as per the instructions and arrangements made by the concerning authority. The Department has produced many First Class holder students in the University Examinations with good ranking. Almost in every year the Department has produced First Class holder as well as good position holder students in Undergraduate level, who had gone to pursue higher studies in different Universities of the country and engaged themselves in different fields and thereby contributing to the national development of our country. Following are the present faculty members of the Department along with their individual faculty profile:
2. Faculty profile - adequacy and competency of faculty:
The present faculty profile of the ASSAMESE department can be summarized as follows:
Name of the teacher Designation Qualification Research Experience Teaching Experience
Dr. Rupanjali Devi. Associate Prof. & HOD M.A.,Ph.D B.Ed. 26 Years.
Mrs. Arpana Dihingia. Associate Prof M.A. 25 Years
Mr. Bijoy Boro. Lecturer M.A.,B.Ed. 16 Years
Miss Sonia Hussain. Lecrurer (Contractual) M.A.M. Phill 07 Years
Mr. Gitartha Saikia. Lecturer (Contractual) M.A.
*Mr. Dipu Roy, (Lab. Bearer) Class X
Student profile
entry level competencies, socioeconomic status, language proficiency etc.:
Admission policy.
General admission process of the College is on Merit Basis but the College has to maintain some extra arrangements to meet the problem of large number of students at the entry level. As the College is situated in a rural background, educational and socio economic status of the people of this area is not so high. Therefore the College is compelled to serve academic support to the interested and needy students as a social responsibility. As Education is a popular subject most of the students sought the subject as their subject of study in general course. A large number of students apply the subject as Major Course every year. But due to the limited capacity of the Department only 25-30 students are permitted to pursue their study on Major Course in TDC level considering their marks and level of interest in the subject. Moreover an aspirant student for Major Course in Education must have Education as subject of study in his/her H.S.level..
Changes made in the courses or programmes during the past two years and the contribution of the faculty to those changes:
Bongaigaon College is affiliated to Gauhati University. Hence it undertakes the courses designed by the University for undergraduate Programmes for Arts and Commerce streams. However, the faculty members design their respective teaching plan and syllabus split up for the whole session confirming to the Departmental academic calendar. The University has changed the syllabi of Education for TDC classes in the year 2003.