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Administrative Activities

The institution’s goals and objectives are to bring about a quantitative and qualitative improvement of students fulfilling personal, social and national needs by undertaking various curricular programs.

The College is committed to providing profession-oriented knowledge and skill, alongside general traditional academic programs.  To generate scope for self-employment, fulfilling personal and social objectives, the College has already introduced Diploma and certificate courses in computer application, Certificate Course in Financial Accounting (TALLY)  as well as taxation practice & procedure. It has also undertaken to serve the society by introducing various courses of IDOL by setting its Study Centre in the College.

Our institution is located in a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic setting. The student-force comprises representation of various ethnic or community groups. Our effort has been to sustain the closely-knit bond existing among these groups and the teaching has been geared to promote the aspects of harmony from within the academic framework.

The Co-curricular and Extra-curricular aspect has also been given a priority in line with the objectives of the institution to promote ideas of rounded personality among students. Infrastructural odds notwithstanding, the effort was very much there to promote this aspect.

The College has practically succeeded to some extent in meeting institutional goal by elevating the College’s role towards social inclusion i.e. in promoting outreach activities. Moreover, to enhance resource-building capacity and to improve discipline in financial management practices of the institution through rationalization of fee structure and expenses, the College has taken some rational steps.

The institution is moving in right direction vis-à-vis its goal and objectives towards creating institutional values combining academic excellence with a search for social awareness. Activities this year have been primarily focused on the aspects of improving specific segments of academic and extra academic fields which go into meeting mission and vision, goals and objectives of the institution in a better way.

New academic programmes initiated in UG & PG.

No new Post Graduate Programme was introduced in the year, though the College tried to forward its proposal to introduce master’s programmes in Assamese, Economics & Commerce with the Gauhati University authorities. However, the college continued assisting the local learners to get enrolled in various post graduate courses through its contact centre of IDOL, Gauhati University. Undergraduate (BA) and PG (MA (EDU), MHD, MPS, MSO, MEG, MEC) programmes were also introduced under convergence scheme of IGNOU in the College from the session July, 2009

In the Under Graduate segment, no graduate programme was introduced. New proposals were taken to open short term Diploma/ Certificate courses in Computer Application, Taxation Practice & Procedure, Translation Proficiency, Advance Certificate Course in Journalism under the aegis of Professional Studies Centre of the College. Accordingly proposals were sent to the UGC for its introduction under career oriented programme.

Innovations in curricular design and transactions.
The College which is affiliated to Gauhati University can’t autonomously formulate curricular design. It has to follow the curricular prescription of the University. ii)In the field of curricular transaction, new measures were adopted so as to make the process of teaching learning more educated, absorbing, knowledge oriented and socially directed. These were leveraged in the UG major courses and in the PG programme in English.

1.Teachers tried to promote broad based ideas of specific planning areas and were possible to relate the ideas to social experiences :

2. Students were asked to evaluate specific themes from stand point of everyday/social experience and knowledge, and study with relation to larger contexts:

3. Students centre seminars were frequently conducted allowing students to interact among themselves and with teachers:

4. Students were asked to grasp practical meaning of theoretical ideas and were inspired to undertake surveys and social reading based on theoretical, abstract principles especial in UG major subjects like Education & Economics.

Inter-disciplinary programme started
The College, like other colleges in the country, initiated compulsory paper in environmental studies in the under graduate level both in Arts & Commerce streams. The subjects comprise both theory and practical.

Inter disciplinary approach to teaching has been introduced in the under graduate major level, especially, in the Arts stream. Each department located subject segments having inter-disciplinary teaching possibilities and commissioned teachers of other departments of the College to address students on specialized areas. This opened up avenues for new ideas.

Department of Commerce   Department of Education
Sri Mujahar Ali - 03664 222134   Dr. Rupanjali Devi - 09435325222
Teachers from Arts Stream are also utilized to support teaching respective   Mrs. A. Dihingia - 09706025632
Subjects in Commerce stream:   Mr. Bijoy Boro - 09435020596
Smt. Hirumoni Kalita (Assamese)   Mrs. Sonia Hussain - 09864300855
Dr. Nur Jammal (Hindi)   Department of Hindi
Dr. S. Bhattacharjee (Bengali)   Dr. N. Jammal - 9435329966
Sri J. Basumatary (Bodo)   Sri K. Patgiri – 9954695585
Dr. T. K. Bahadur (Economics)   Miss Nahida Akhtar –
Smt. R. Das Baruah (Economics)   Mrs. Kanchan Das –8399951740
Sri U. K. Deb (English)    
Smt. Mallika Bhattacharjee (Stat.& BM)    
Department of Economics   Department of Accountancy
Dr. T. K. Bahadur - 9435324929   Sri O. P. Agarwal - 9435020029
Smt. R. Das Baruah - 09435399969   Sri O. P. Sah - 9435020510
Sri P. K. Goswami - 09435121772    
Sri R. C. Das - +91 9707055368   Department of Political Science
Sri M. Bhattacharjee - +91 9954165023   Sri H. C. Chakraborty - 9435653290
Miss Jhuma Misra - +91 8822787239   Sri B. P. Sharma - 9435121890
Sri Rajeeb Bora - +91 9401086517   Miss Manasi Das -
Department of Finance   Department of Bodo
Smt. Bijumoni Bora -    
  Sri J. Basumatary - 9854406712
P.G. Department Of English   Sri R. N. Owary - 9707016057
Mr. U. Kr. Dev - +919435510381   Bandhuram Brahma - 9954128428
Mr. Subhajit Bhadra - 9957858903   Hari Basumatary - 9706263763
Mr. Ripunjoy Bezbaruah - 9435364704   Mrs. Kanery Basumatary - 7399506048
Mrs. Padumi Singha - 9854506718    
Mr. Jwmwi Basumatary   Department of Bengali
Miss Bismita Dey Sanyal   Dr. (Ms.) S. Bhattacharjee - 9435021056
    Ms. Mithu Das - 9085567250
Department of Assamese   Sri Subroto Roy – 9435646530
Mrs. T. L. Bhagawati - 9854337825   Bharat Roy – 9859833811
Dr. J. Nath Thakuria - 9435126914   Samir Sarma –
Smt. Hirumoni Kalita – 9678523944    
Dr. Chandana Das - 9854300739   Department of Philosophy
Smt. Pranita Pathak – 9613224604   Dr. Karabi Saikia - 03664 224103
Smt Swarnali Das - 9435399755   Mrs. Rita Goswami -09435973494
    Mr. Banajit Sharma -09864925315
Department of History   Mr. Nitu Das
Mrs. M. Khakhlary - 03664 223569    
Dr. A. Z. Sheikh - +91 9435120961