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Hostel Accommodation:
Bongaigaon College provides hostel facilities to the students. College has built up three hostels, one for women and 2 for boys. The women's hostel is of RCC type and boys' hostels are Assam type in nature. All these three hostels have been adequately electrified.
A brief outline of the hostels is given below
1. Women's Hostel: The capacity of accommodation in women's hostel is 54.
2. Boys' Hostel No. 1 : The capacity of accommodation in Boys' hostel No.1 is 29.
3. Boys' Hostel No.2: The capacity of accommodation in Boys' hostel No.2 is 18.
The maintenance of the three hostels is done on self-sustaining basis by collecting Annual Hostel Fee.
Hostel accommodation is provided to the students according to the availability of seats. Admissions into hostels are made on considerations of merits and distance of the residence of the applicant.
Hostel Regulations
The hostel superintendent follows strict rules and regulations for maintaining discipline and punctuality of boarders apart from the overall administration of the hostel management. The hostel boarders must abide by the hostel rules copies of which are available with the Superintendent. Violation of hostel rules may lead to the expulsion from the hostels or even from the College. The hostels shall remain closed during summer, Puja vacation and winter break. Boarders will be collectively responsible for the loss, impairment or destruction of any hostel property and they may be asked by the College authority to compensate for the loss collectively.
Admission Eligibility
The hostels of the College have been considered as an integral part of the institution. The hostel usually reflects the true multiplicity of different culture of the region, therefore, students will have to maintain healthy community atmosphere in the hostel.
Outstation leave will be granted only on the production of a letter from the parents and permission from the principal.
vi. Residents are required to maintain silence during study hours, the study schedule being 6-00 AM to 8-30 AM and 6-00 PM to 8-30 PM ; 9-30 PM onwards.
vii. Use of electric appliances and mobile phones is strictly prohibited in the rooms. If any forbidden articles, such as heaters, emersion rods, irons, stoves etc. are found in the rooms, they will be confiscated and a fine will be imposed for the violation of rule.
viii. Residents are required to keep their rooms tidy, neat and clean and observe proper method of disposal of garbage.
ix. Residents must take their meals within half an hour of the ringing of the bell, after which no claim will be entertained.
Morning tea - 6-30 AM
Break fast - 8-30 AM
Lunch - 2-00 Noon
Afternoon tea - 3-30 PM
Dinner - 8-30 PM
x. No boarder shall be allowed to stay in the hostel during College hours without valid reasons.
Hostel Fee
The fee structure of the hostel is generally prepared and approved by the Governing Body. A uniform fee structure is maintained for admission in both women's and Boys' Hostel. The present fee structure effective for hostel admission is as follows. Annual Hostel dues are to be paid at the time of admission from June to May.
The fees are as follows:
1. Admission fees Rs. 1000/-
2. Seat rent @ Rs.150/- P. M. for 12 month Rs.1800/-
3. Establishment charge @ Rs. 175/- P. M. for 12 months Rs. 2100/-
4. Electricity charge @ Rs. 141/- P. M. for 12 months Rs. 1700/-
5. Common- Room charge @ Rs. 50/- P. M. for 12 months Rs. 600/-
6. Hostel Caution Deposit (Refundable) (Subject to Adjustment) Rs. 200/-
  Total Rs. 7,400/-
I. Admission to the hostel can be granted only after the College admission is finalized.
II.Number of hostel seats is limited and accordingly admission is made strictly on merit basis.
III. Only out-station students are eligible for admission.
IV. Only regular students of the College are eligible for hostel accommodation.
V. Students who wish to avail of a hostel seat under ST/SC or any other reserve category are required to produce relevant certificate at the time of admission.
VI. Admission shall be finalized after a personal interview with the candidate, parent and local guardian.
Admission procedure:
For regular students desiring hostel accommodation will have to submit the hostel admission form duly filled on the day of College admission. The following documents should be attached with the completed form at the time of admission:
i. College fee receipt
ii. Proof of out-station residence
iii. Relevant document of SC/ST
iv One passport size photograph
Incomplete forms will be rejected. Applications will be reviewed by the hostel committee and seats will be allotted accordingly.
Rules and Regulations:
i. Ragging in the hostel is strictly prohibited. Anybody found indulging in ragging is liable to be expelled from the hostel.
ii. Students are required to sign in a register every time they leave the hostel premises (except during College hours) to fill in the required details and sign again on returns.
iii. No resident will be allowed to go home during class days without valid reasons.
iv. Night stay outside the hostel is generally not permissible. However, a boarder can stay at the local guardian’s house (for one night only) after submitting an application written and signed by the local guardian. Any extension of leave in case of sickness or unforeseen circumstances has to be duly informed in writing and signed by the local guardian.