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Bongaigaon College Students’ Union Society:
Bongaigaon College Students’ Union Society (BCSUS) is the General Body of the College Students. Its membership is compulsory for every student. Office bearers are elected annually (in September each year). Students’ Union Body comprises of ten office bearers and class representatives. Principal is the Chief Advisor of the Body. President, Vice-President, G.S, AGS and other six secretaries are elected by the students of the College. These secretaries work under the guidance and direct supervision of Professors-in-charge. The secretaries, including GS are directly responsible for conducting various programmes relating to extra-curricular and social activities throughout the year. The College authority prepares an annual budget of BCSUS on the basis of the total SU fee received from all the students along with a provision of reserve fund. The reserve fund is utilized for round the year activities and also for giving necessary support to developmental activities within the College.
BCSUS will act for upliftment of academic interest of students, emergence of healthy intellectual and cultural milieu and growth of extra-curricular aptitudinal activities of students. In no circumstances the Union Society shall come in confrontation with the authority. The College authority expects that difference can be hammered out through negotiations and logical dialogues. In case these methods fail, the decisions of the College authority will be binding and final. Any agitational move against the authority will be dealt with firmly that may lead to rustication or other severe punishment.
If there are any grievances, complaints relating to academic aspects or general facilities, they must be submitted to the College authority for consideration with at least one month’s notice. This may also be addressed to General Grievance Cell of the College.
Election Codes of Conduct:
Any student willing to offer candidature for contesting the BCSUS elections must meet the following eligibility criteria as per the Verdict of the Supreme Court of India:
A candidate must have completed 75% attendance in the regular classes during the current session covering a period from 1st August, 2010 to 30th September, 2010. Attendance shall be counted subject-wise.